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Supersoft Clay

You are always asking how to get hold of it and what to buy!

We use a Super Soft Modelling Clay in our groups.

It's fluffy and light and easier for home use and shop brought.

(supervision still required)

Very popular with early years and parents as they find it much easier to manipulate than Play-Doh.

Non sticky, fluffy, stretchy, lightweight, flexible and modelled into any shape and doesn't destroy your home materials. It will dry into a light foam so keep it sealed in an air tight container when not playing.

Images below show the tub you are looking for and at the moment (May 2022) is available for only £3 at B&M in 4 colours.

B&M also sell a packet of individually wrapped in smaller amounts in all colours for £2.99.

Home Bargains also stock the packet version for £3.99.


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