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Hi my name is Melissa. 


I am the founder, creator and owner of Wriggles and Giggles.  This is an independent private service and not part of a larger organisation. My service is for all abilities from birth and parents and carers. We are 15 years old.

I have 30 years of experience, knowledge and qualifications in the development of a child from birth and how they learn and communicate no matter what their individual ability is.  I have trained in child psychology. I have experience, training and knowledge of neurodiversity. I have also received awards in outstanding education care and skills and best baby & toddler group in the North East. 

I create and deliver all the sessions myself and always on hand at every session to help you further in parenting techniques for behaviour and understanding of your child. 


Wriggles and Giggles sessions are about feeling supported while learning for parent and child.  Each session has a theme and we use materials, makaton sign, mindfulness, puppets, lights and many other resources to get yours and your child’s attention.  When you come to a session it is important to me you feel comfortable, safe and happy. 

There is no expectation for you or your child to participate fully in session and adjustments and change can happen to be sure you will feel inclusive and a part of every session.  Your child is not too young or too old to learn and get something from each session.  The younger the better.  Your child might take a number of weeks to get used to this new environment and we are very used to that and look forward to getting to know you both.

Please feel free to get in touch if you feel I can help you further on a one to one and we can arrange an appointment.  My contact details are below.  

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and we have a website.   

There are videos and articles available too so you can learn at home as well as learn more about your child’s development and what to expect as they grow.

Please let me know if you would prefer photographs not to be taken of your child enjoying the session.

I hope you have an AWESOME time with us and leave with a smile and happy supported feel.  We look forward to getting to know you better and you becoming part of our Wriggles and Giggles family.

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