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Kinetic Sand Play Recipe

How to make Moon Sand (kinetic Sand

Moon sand recipe is so easy to make! It's soft, sensory and ready in minutes. The texture is soft and crumbly, but it also moldable. Lasts for a couple of months in an airt tight container .


Plain flour x 4 cups

Baby oil x 1/2 cup (vegetable oil can also be used)

Food Colour Gel optional (water based food colour doesn't mix well)

Mixing bowl


Wooden spoon

To make enough to fill a large tuff tray use 3 x 1.5 kg & 600 ml baby oil

Mix 4 cups of flour with half a cup of baby oil (or veg oil) food colour gel too if required with a wooden spoon.

Once mixed in use your hands to mix and crumble and its ready to use.

Perfect for little hands are resources purchased a the end of May 2022.

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