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Your Babies abilities at 1 month

The first days with your 1-month-old can be a blur of feeding, changing diapers, settling them to sleep, and responding to their wails. But within a few weeks, they will start to take more notice of your voice, face, and touch. Your baby can't focus farther than 8 to 12 inches away – just the right distance for them to gaze at your face. Black-and-white patterns also draw their attention. Their hearing is fully developed and they might turn toward familiar sounds, such as your voice.

They can lift their head briefly and turn it to the side when on their stomach, but when they are upright their head and neck still need support. Although their arms move jerkily, they can get their hands close to their mouth. Look out for our follow on post all about your role as a parent to this age group.

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Your role as a parent to a 1 month old baby

Enjoy getting to know your baby: Cuddle her, talk to her, and learn how she signals when she's sleepy or hungry. Be attentive and responsive. You can't spoil a baby!

Give her plenty of tummy time from the start when she's awake so she can strengthen her muscles. Encourage her to look at and reach for toys.

Make sure she gets plenty of time outside. Go for walks with her and take her to the park or playground. She'll enjoy the outdoors, relaxing with you, and being around other children.

Get close and make eye contact with your baby when you talk, sing, and read to her. Play simple games when she's alert and in the mood, such as peekaboo or mimicking her sounds.

Learn the signs that she's had enough play and needs some down time.

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